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  • As a part of our concierge-type admissions advisory services, we come to you!
  • It's just another reason why you should hire us instead other independent educational consultants.
  • We provide in-home, private, and one-on-one consultations for clients who live near our regional offices.
  • You actually meet us face-to-face and in person at your convenience!  It's our "house call" service.
  • Flexibilty: We schedule in-home consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle. 
  • Seven days a week.  Evenings and weekends!

Our convenient, in-home consultation services are tailored to meet the needs and hectic schedules of busy parents and students who are overwhelmed with academic workload and extracirricular activities. 

In-home consultations are especially helpful in brainstorming ideas, developing admissions strategies, essay review, and mock interview sessions.

Our convenient in-home consultations give busy students that ADDED ADVANTAGE that college admissions consultants and planners can not provide!

In-home consultations available in: 
Connecticut, Westchester County, Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, MetroBoston and Rhode Island.  We are not located in the Midwest or the West Coast, therefore, our in-home consultations are perfect for our East Coast clients!  Our clients get to meet us in-person!

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