If you think that getting accepted into a BS MD Program is about:

  • Having a high GPA.
  • Loading up on many AP classes.
  • Getting high SAT or ACT scores.
  • Taking advice from your high school or college counselor.
  • Reading "How To" books or guides on BS MD programs.
  • Shadowing doctors.
  • Starting a philanthropic club or foundation.
  • Doing the process on your own.
  • Hiring any independent educational consultant.


Getting accepted into a BS MD program is about taking advice from admissions leading experts who:

  • Know exactly what each program is looking for and how they will evaluate you.
  • Understanding how you should stand out and what you must do to stand out.
  • Can identify what challenges you may face based on your student profile.
  • Have college admissions as well as medical school admissions experience.
  • Have personally experienced and been through the medical school and BS MD program selection process. 
  • Can provide concierge-type admissions services including in-home consultations.
  • Have the best acceptance rates and results ever!


We offer BS/MD admissions advisory services that successfully assist high school students who desire to be medical doctors.  We are a team of admissions experts and medical school graduates who understand the process. 

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Each student is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help a student gain the admissions advantage in this competitive process. We deliver custom, tailored concierge-type continuous comprehensive services so that our clients can stand out and be accepted.Our acceptance results!


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