Our clients are so happy with the success that we have brought them and their children that they are willing to explain to you what we do.  I (Dr. Paul Lowe) am privileged and honored to have some of our clients tell you about what we (Dr. Lowe and Dr. Cartwright-Lowe and our staff) have done to help them.

"My daughter wanted to be a doctor since the third grade.  Dr. Lowe made it happen.  You cannot put a price on kindness, sanity, sound guidance and caring." - Rakesh Kumar

"After my wife did some research, called other bsmd consultants, then discovered you, I first had some doubts.  However, I am so glad that we made the right choice and hired you.  Thank you for guiding us every step of the way.  My wife and I are so happy that our son is now on the path to becoming a medical doctor." - Ajun Desai

"Dr. Lowe started to work with our son when he was a junior.  He helped our son in choosing the right summer activities and pre activities to what courses to take in high school.  When it came to the applications, he helped my son to brainstorm and convey key points in the essays. I would like to thank Dr. Lowe for helping our son to be accepted."  - Jagdish Patel, Parent of student admitted to Brown's PLME Program

"Applying to BS MD programs was like putting together a complex puzzle.  Dr. Lowe and his team helped put together the frame and we carefully went through the process together piece by piece. Dr. Lowe and his team made all the difference and our daughter got into George Washington University" -  Vijay Rajput

"Dr. Lowe is worth every penny. My daughter was accepted to RPI/Albany Med program as well as Yale and Stanford." - Sunil Shah

"Many thanks to Drs. Lowes and their staff for the guidance, support and advice throughout the application process.  They were always there to help us with critical decisions.  For anyone who has kids who are interested in combined medical programs, you must contact Dr. Lowe." - Raj Chaudhary

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