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"Success in admissions depends on knowing and having access to the right people and having extensive experience in navigating chaos and uncertainty."  - Dr. Paul R. Lowe

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Our BS/MD admissions advisory services is specifically for high school students (freshmen - senior year) who desire to apply to combined BS/MD programs.  Our service is a continuous comprehensive service and is NOT an a la carte service with separate elements, because admissions committees review every aspect of an applicant's profile holistically.

Each university has slightly different offerings and admissions policies, and since these details do change from year to year, it's important to hire BS/MD admissions experts who actually visit colleges annually and know these changes.  We visit many programs annually so that our clients have a competitive advantage!

High school guidance counselors (public high schools), college counselors (private schools) and many independent educational consultants do not understand the nuances and changes in BS/MD programs.  Dr. Paul Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe know exactly what BS MD program admissions officers and committees are looking for in high school student applicants and the hurdles and challenges they will face while applying to these programs.

We perform a Personal Comprehensive Assessment: Admission advice and guidance depends on factors and information unique to each student and his/her academic and personal history and goals. Therefore, we require a thorough review of the student’s history in order to provide advice and accurate, comprehensive answers to questions.  A comprehensive assessment of the student’s personal, academic, research, extracurricular, volunteer, leadership and service history as well as motivation, strengths, and weaknesses will be performed.  We also provide services for
international students who seek acceptance into BS/MD programs.

Additionally, we assist clients in mapping out a list of target schools and provide admissions advocacy and liaison and lobby support, unlimited phone, fax, e-mail and Skype correspondences.  Each consultation session is 30 minutes - 1 hour; the frequency depends on the applicant's admissions timeline.  As a part of our concierge-type services, we provide Continuous Skype/Zoom consultations.

Services include:

  • Assisting the applicant in applying to several colleges and BS/MD Programs.
  • Evaluation and assessment with client to assess college as well as career needs and goals.
  • Assessment: scholastic strength, academic history, educational, career and personal objectives.
  • Review of past and current coursework, transcript, and extracurricular activities, including current volunteerism, research, if applicable.
  • Development of strategic college admissions and combined program admissions plan and the development of an admissions campaign for all targeted colleges and programs.
  • Provision of information and instructions for standardized testing requirements, schedule and preparation strategies.
  • Assistance in selecting the final list of college and combined programs.
  • Assistance with preparation of college and combined program applications and supplemental application and essays.  Proof of final versions prior to submission.
  • Letters of recommendation selection and review of recommendations for consideration.
  • Constant communication with client via SKYPE, email, and telephone.
  • Mock Interviews: Practice interviewing skills before campus visits and interviews.
  • Preparation for visits to colleges and combined programs.  
  • Admissions advocacy, liaison and campaign support for admissions to colleges and combined programs, where appropriate. 
  • BS/MD Application Tune-up:  For rising seniors and seniors only.  Help with up to 5 applications.


What's the true value of our fees:

  • Providing admissions advice for access to a BS/MD program. Medical School from High School.
  • Time saved and less anxiety from applying to medical school during college.
  • The prestigious value of a "MD".
  • The lifetime and predictable income potential of physician sub-specialties.
  • You are one of parents who made the right choice to hire us and your child was accepted to the following BS/MD programs this year.

We know the true value and real ROI of our fees! 

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