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"Success in admissions depends on knowing and having access to the right people and having extensive experience in navigating chaos and uncertainty."  - Dr. Paul R. Lowe

Our years of experience and current wealth of knowledge about BS/MD programs that consider international students helps you avoid mistakes BEFORE you submit your applications!

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BS/MD Admissions for International Students
BS/MD Admissions for International Students
BS MD Admissions International Students

It's getting tougher to get accepted to BS/MD Programs!

We specialize in helping international students (non-U.S. permanent resident/ non-U.S. citizen) through the entire BS/MD admissions process!

There are only a limited number of U.S. BS/MD programs that even consider international student applicants.  Therefore, trying this process on your own or with an inexperienced admissions expert will certainly have you REJECTED!

We help you with:

  • Selecting the right BS/MD program - "Best Chance Schools" based on your individual student profile
  • ​Understanding what schools are looking for.
  • Common Application development and editing.
  • ​Personal statement development and editing.
  • Application to the medical school affiliated with the program (including the BS/MD personal statement).
  • Supplemental essay development and editing.
  • Interview preparation.
  • AVOIDING MISTAKES that will certainly cause you to be REJECTED.

BS/MD admissions advisory sessions via Skype or phone.

Call us only if you are serious about retaining an expert admissions advisor to help you navigate the U.S.-based process!

Please note, we are an admissions advisory firm and we do not provide free advice.

We have worked with students from many countries, including but not limited to: Canada, India, China, Ghana, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Russia, UK, Brazil and Australia gain admissions to U.S. BS/MD programs.

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BS MD Admissions Services for International Students

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