Middle School BS MD Program

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BS MD Admissions Advisors Educational College Consultants Dr Paul Lowe

We provide a 3-month enrichment program for parents of middle schoolers (grades 7 and 8) who wish to develop effective college admissions plans prior to their children entering high school. The program includes:

  • Personal Middle-School Comprehensive Assessment & Review.
  • Pre-high school student profile development.
  • High school course curriculum planning.
  • Extracurricular activity planning for high school.
  • Develop plans for possible leadership, research, internship and shadowing opportunities
  • Overview of current BS/MD & Ivy League admissions and current trends.
  • College admissions strategy prior to entering high school.
  • WOW Factor planning prior to entering high school.
  • Parents work directly with Dr. Paul Lowe, M.D., physician-scientist and admissions expert.

Our program helps seventh and eighth grade students prepare for high school before it starts! Remember, once you start high school, courses, grades and activities appear on the college application. You need to correctly plan to navigate the admissions process and avoid making irrevocable mistakes while your child is in middle school.

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