We are so confident with our results that we are providing an admissions advising program with a money-back guarantee

There are lots of "BS MD" companies, partners, consultants and services out there, but only one BS/MD ADMISSIONS ADVISORS, with
Dr. Paul Lowe and his team (principal availability)  which provides AAP.  In an uncertain and unpredictable college admissions game, you need certainty and an assurance! Being different makes the difference!

1. How can we provide a AAP?  We leverage our broad network of educational contacts and relationships to help maximize a favorable presentation and outcome.  We continually visit colleges, universities and medical schools and gain insight and perspectives into how admissions works at each school.  We also know of and talk with everyone including admissions officers.  By exchanging ideas with admissions officers and school departments and our BS/MD student network, we get insight in what is expected on applications and of applicants for acceptance.  For AAP, we qualify students based on our comprehensive assessment and review of their student profiles.

2.  Why AAP?  It’s the
BEST investment in your child’s future!

3. What is the guarantee?  We 
GUARANTEE that if your child is not admitted into a BS/MD Program, our entire AAP fee will be refunded in full. 

4. Why should you consider AAP?  Because you want certainty and assurance! 
You want your child to be a doctor!  You want to know that your child will be a medical doctor from high school!  You don't want to fail and have your child to be rejected!  And you want a money-back guarantee to back that!

5. Why hire us instead of other educational consultants?  Other educational consultants promise, but we back what we say we will do with a money-back guarantee in our  Assurance Admissions Program.  When "shopping"  for an independent educational consultant, simply ask if they provide a money-back guarantee type service.  We won't be surprised if they say NO.   If they say NO, ask them why? 

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