OUR RESULTS ARE HERE!   We are proud to tell you about our Class of 2024  Results!  It was a tough year! And we expect next year to be even tougher.  Parents of high school juniors, please read our blog: High School Juniors - Time to Get Serious About BS/MD Plans Part II

This year was an amazing year!  ​​97% BS/MD Admissions clients including international students were accepted to BS/MD programs!

Our parents of the below students are happy, overjoyed and excited that they can now call their sons and daughters "Doctors"!  

  • Brown University PLME - 12
  • Drexel University - 2
  • Case Western PPSP - 3
  • Penn State/Jefferson Medical College - 2
  • NJIT/Albert Dorman Honors College - 5​
  • RPI/Albany Medical College - 6
  • Rutgers - New Jersey Medical - 5
  • Siena College/Albany Medical College - 3
  • Temple University - 3 
  • TCNJ/New Jersey Medical - 4
  • Union College/Albany Medical College - 2 ​
  • ​University of Connecticut - 3
  • University of Pittsburgh - 3
  • University of Rochester - 4
  • Syracuse UAS - 3
  • Texas Tech - 1
  • ​Virginia Commonwealth University - 4
  • ​UMKC - 6

This year, several of our clients were accepted to MULTIPLE BS/MD programs!!!!!  

​Our clients include U.S. as well as H4 Visa and International students.

You may ask how we achieve these acceptance numbers?  What's our secret?

We do our homework!  We spend UNLIMITED time with our clients!  We know programs and what they are looking for in applicants!  We have long-standing professional relationships with and communicate with admissions officers at BS/MD programs!    Parents hire us before their children become high school seniors so that we have more time to develop their children's' personalized BS/MD admissions strategies, profiles and applications!  We assess and review our clients' credentials, reviewing transcripts, test, scores, recommendations and course load.  We focus on each of our client's "applicant voice" by reviewing and developing meaningful and compelling essays.  We also prepare our clients for interviews by providing multiple in-depth interviews.  We frame, develop and polish our clients' student profiles.  We provide continuous remote consultations.  We know that after we have prepared our clients so that they will stand out amongst other applicants when presented before a BS/MD admissions committee that's why we have bi-weekly or sometimes weekly Skypes and continuous email correspondences. Most importantly, you work directly with Dr. Paul Lowe!  As a physician-scientist and admissions expert, Dr. Lowe develops winning a strategies for his clients!

As BS/MD admissions experts who are medical doctors and well connected with alumni of doctors and medical educators, we know how our clients will be compared to other applicants in any given year!

Parent Testimonial:  "We originally started working with another educational consultant who said that they knew about BS MD programs for our son, but they proved to be a completely inadequate source for help. We then started working with Dr. Lowe and he was absolutely great with his advice and guidance. We had weekly meetings, he answered every question we’ve had clearly and was extremely helpful with applications and essays revisions.  We can honestly say that Dr. Lowe was the main reason why our son was accepted into two BS MD programs as well as Yale!" - S. Reddy

Parent Testimonial:  "As an international student, my husband and I knew that it would be next to impossible for our daughter to be accepted to a BS MD program in the U.S.  A friend of ours at our embassy told us about Dr. Lowe and we called him. We were convinced after talking to him that he could possibly help us but was concerned about the investment.  We are so happy that we took the chance and made the decision to hire him.  Our son was accepted Brown PLME and we are so happy that we hire Dr. Lowe." - A. Prasad

Parent Testimonial:  “Dr. Lowe’s help was priceless in guiding our son through his college applications and BS MD application process. Dr. Lowe showed our son how to highlight his strengths and values on his applications and essays, and he took the stress and pressure off of our family. Our investment in Dr. Lowe has been money well spent!” - Julie Xiao

BS MD Admissions Programs Dr Paul Lowe Educational Consultant

"Success in admissions depends on knowing and having access to the right people and having extensive experience in navigating chaos and uncertainty."  - Dr. Paul R. Lowe

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