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BS/MD Admissions In-home consultations

  • As a part of our concierge-type admissions advisory services, we provide continuous Skype/Zoom consultations!
  • It's just another reason why you should hire us instead other independent educational consultants.
  • You actually meet us face-to-face and in person at your convenience!  It's our "Continuous" service.
  • Flexibilty: We schedule continuous Skype/Zoom consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle. ​

Our convenient, continuous consultation services are tailored to meet the needs and hectic schedules of busy parents and students who are overwhelmed with academic workload and extracirricular activities. 

Continuous consultations are especially helpful in brainstorming ideas, developing admissions strategies, essay review, and mock interview sessions.

Our convenient Continuous consultations give busy students that ADDED ADVANTAGE that college admissions consultants and planners cannot provide!

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